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Law Firm Advokátska kancelária JUDr. Pavol Kollár, s.r.o. and its attorneys-at-law

Law Firm JUDr. Pavol Kollár, is Slovak law office, which acts in the Slovak Republic and develops itself from the year 1991.

Originally commenced its activities as commercial-law office, which was consequently transformed into law office.

Law office JUDr. Pavol Kollár provides its clients with complete legal service on a professional level with an aim to ensure legal services for our clients with emphasis on their absolute satisfaction and repeated as also long-term collaboration.

It places emphasis also on continuous quality level increasing of provided legal services, which are exclusively based upon personal attitude to each individual client with an aim to respect his/her personal and express demands and ensure his/her maximum satisfaction, but mainly successful settlement of his/her legal affairs.

We try primarily to solve legal disputes of our clients by conclusion of mutual agreement by and between the disputable parties, consequently by judicial settlement and, if appropriate finally by effective and successful defending of our client`s rights before competent court, which has local and subject-matter jurisdiction, in the Slovak Republic.

We provide our clients with complete legal counseling in the Slovak language, English language as also in other languages through our employees and partners.

In respect to regular attorney practice performance in English and Slovak languages, the Law office JUDr. Pavol Kollár offers to and provides its clients with high-professional translations of legal texts from English language to Slovak language and oppositely.

JUDr. Pavol Kollár, an attorney-at-law, is registered under No. 888 at Slovak Bar Association. In year 2014 Law Firm JUDr. Pavol Kollár, an attorney-at-law changed its structure to limited liability company Advokátska kancelária JUDr. Pavol Kollár, s.r.o..

Law Firm JUDr. Pavol Kollár notifies all its clients as also possible clients of a fact, that legal services and legal counseling may be, in accordance with valid legal regulations of the Slovak republic, but mainly in accordance with the Act No. 586/2003 Coll. on attorney profession and on change and amendment of the Act No. 455/1991 Coll. on performance of trades (Trade Act) as amended, legally performed only by an attorney or a company with purpose of business activity – provision of legal services according to Act No. 586/2003 Coll. on attorney profession registered by the Slovak Bar Association. 

In case that legal services and/or legal counseling would be provided by other natural person or legal entity, he/she/it shall probably commit thereby a crime of unlawful business according to provision § 251 of the Act No. 300/2005 Coll. the Criminal Act as amended.

By reason thereof it is always very important so that possible client would always verify an authorization of appropriate subject for provision of legal services and legal counseling in accordance with all valid legal regulations.

Attorney is an institution of right protection in the Slovak Republic, who cannot be included in the state bodies system and also despite of such fact an attorney has got irreplaceable status within the Slovak legal system.

Attorney in most cases represents a status of legal representative of one of proceeding parties, provides various legal services and legal counseling, where JUDr. Pavol Kollár, an attorney, focuses himself mainly, but not limited only to, on legal services and legal counseling in a field of Civil, Commercial, Labor, Pharmaceutical and Medicine Law.

Attorney is actually a lawyer, who performs an independent profession as a specialized lawyer – an attorney and appropriate legal regulations of the Slovak Republic entitle attorney to provide legal aid in full scope.

Each attorney acting in the Slovak Republic has to be registered into List of Attorneys, which is kept by the Slovak Bar Association. Activity and status of an attorney is governed by the Act No. 586/2003 Coll. as amended.

JUDr. Pavol Kollár, an attorney-at-law is daily governed by a motto: “The higher rate of our client`s success, the higher our satisfaction” and thereof reason we provide our legal services based upon personal attitude to the client mainly, but not only limited to, in the following fields and branches of law:

  • Civil Law (personal data protection, protection of personal rights and goodwill, obligation relationships, property rights, inheritance rights),
  • Commercial Law (obligation relationships, trade secret, establishing of companies and changes regarding thereof),
  • Rights resulting from intellectual and industrial ownership (copyrights, patents, inventions, utility designs, designs, trade marks),
  • Labor Law,
  • Administrative Law,
  • Medical Law,
  • Pharmaceutical Law,
  • Social Security Law,
  • Bank and Finance Law,
  • Insurance Law,
  • Securities Law (bills, cheques, stocks, bonds, claims),
  • Bankruptcy and Restructuring Law,
  • Constitutional Law,
  • European Community Law,
  • Law of Information and Communication Technologies,
  • Advertising Law,
  • Capital Construction Law.
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